Friday, September 4, 2015


A woman looking to restart her life…

Meets a man whose identity has been taken from him...

And  complicated by indiscretions between her lover and her two best friends… The Perfect Spot

Jane meets Cal, the man of her dreams after losing her husband in a tragic boating accident. Looking to restart her life, Jane buys a B& B on an island. Her two best friends Mary Catherine and Kate help open the Inn, along with her lover, Cal, who looks and acts eerily like her dead husband.  Cal was also in a tragic boating accident off the rugged coast of Maine.  His face has been reconstructed but his memories are lost. Coincidence? When her son dies mysteriously, shortly after Jane buys the Inn, Jane was not convinced the death was accidental.

Cal loves Jane but is falling for Mary Catherine, Jane’s yoga instructor at the Inn.  It happens suddenly and passionately. A stranger watches from the shadows on the staircase as Cal and Mary Catherine make love on the Inn’s registration desk.  One sizzling indiscretion leads to another as Cal and Jane’s best friend, Kate make love on a moonlit night on a sailboat.

The tragic death of her son and the eerie resemblance of Cal to her dead husband pushes Jane to the edge. Cal tries to make things right but Jane becomes explosive.

Does Jane know about Cal’s indiscretions? Was she the one watching Cal’s lovemaking from the stairs?  What about Mary Catherine’s secret past?  Why is Cal’s behavior so similar to Jane’s dead husband? Was her son’s tragic death really an accident? Cal had better watch his back….

Read on  below to preview Chapter 1. You will enjoy this steamy adult romance.

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